1. Gonto @ 12

    A long time ago, in a place not too far away, as I turned 12 years old, two important events happend:

    • My school friends realized that there were three other Martins in the class, and therefore, decided to start calling me "Gonto".
    • My uncle, a systems engineer, started showing me the magic of programming by teaching me one of the most hated programming languages of all time: Visual Basic 6.
  2. At the age of 16, I had already programmed lots of different video games with Visual Basic 6 like Simon Says, Buraco, Truco, and Black Jack. I also joined a forum called Gamesario, and helped code parts of a game called Argentum Online, also with VB6.

    Argentum online
  3. Beard

    When I reached the age of 18, not only did I start to grow a beard, but I also started studying Systems Engineering at UTN (National Technology University). College was only a few hours per day and I was bored afterwards. Since I knew how to code, I decided to join Globant, one of the biggest software consulting firms in Argentina. At that point, I was coding in C# and built apps for SourceForge and Electronic Arts among others.

  4. Globant logo

    A years and a half later, I started learning about open source and was really excited about it. Considering that there weren't too many open source projects around .NET technologies at that time, I decided to start working with Java at Globant. I worked on projects like Playphone and Orbitz.

  5. Zauber Logo

    After another year and a half, I decided to switch companies and started to work at Zauber (now called Flowics). It was a software boutique where I knew I could grow a lot and learn lots of different programming languages like Scala, Ruby, JavaScript, and others. In these three years, I became a professional software developer thanks to the help of great mentors like Mariano Cortesi. I ended up being a technical project leader, leading teams of up to 5 people.

  6. OSS Logo

    After three more years, I felt that it was time to start giving back to the community which helped me learn so many different languages and frameworks. This is when I started doing freelancing and building my own Open Source projects. Looking back, this is the decision that started changing to course of my carrer, getting me nearer to marketing.

  7. I built Restangular, Angular Wizard, Factory Pal, and Angularytics among other open source projects. Some of these projects are used nowadays by Fortune 500 companies around the world like weather.com, Disney and Reuters.

    The most interesting part about this is how these projects got to be popular. Even though I didn't know it at that point in time, it was all due to Developer Marketing. I wrote tons of articles about Restangular and adjacent technologies (like AngularJS and REST APIs) in my blog, distributed these blog posts to news aggregators (like Hacker News and Reddit) and also sent them to influential people to review and share. I also actively searched and answered questions on both Stackoverflow and Quora related to these projects, and started talking and engaging with other open source developers to bounce ideas off of.

    All of these led me to the AngularJS Mountain View meetup, where I did the first talk of my life. As you can see from the video below, I was so nervous that I sounded like a robot.

  8. Thankfully, being such a bad speaker on that first meetup didn't bring me down. I started applying to CFPs and got accepted to more than 20 different conferences around the world. You can see a few of the videos from those conferences below.

    Giving a talk at jQuerySF about the differences between Angular 1 and 2
  9. Auth0 Logo

    This new things that have been happening in my life are what brought me to Auth0. I joined Auth0 as the 6th employee. I was a Developer Evangelist, which is a pretty new role that embraces the mix of Marketing and Development. My job included giving talks at different conferences around front end technologies, security, and APIs (among other things), as well as writing blog posts and documentation for the product itself. Last but not least, I was in charge of creating the SDKs for all the different frameworks and languages Auth0 supports. Pretty fun job, right?

  10. Engineering approach to marketing

    The more I worked as a Developer Evangelist, the more I realized that I liked marketing. I eventually became the SVP of Marketing, having more than 80 people on my team. As explained in the home page, thanks to my background, I have a really new approach to marketing Anything can be tried, but it must be treated as an experiment, which must have a hypothesis, a goal and some metric to measure sucess. My main slogan at Auth0 is:

    “It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission. You have an idea and a way to measure it? Just try it out!”
  11. Image showing what Hypergrowth is

    After running the marketing team at Auth0 for 7 years and helping the company grow its ARR from $0 to 9 figures, Okta decided to acquire it for 6.5B. After giving it a lot of thought, I made the call to leave Auth0 and follow my dream of starting my own company. I co-founded Hypergrowth Partners with Guillaume "𝑮" Cabane. Hypergrowth Partners invests its partners' time & knowledge to help the companies from its portfolio achieve hypergrowth in exchange for equity. In simpler terms, we help companies achieve exponential growth like Auth0 did. We take equity from the companies we help so that we're aligned with their goals.

We have arrived at the present. Now it's time to shape the future together. If you want to bounce an idea off me, talk about a project, or just want to grab a beer, contact me! You can be part of my story!