What do I do?


Developer Platform Expert

What is it?
B2D is a new ecosystem of companies that bypasses traditional enterprise IT and sells directly to developers. B2Ds are a subclass of a B2B.
Why me?
Being a developer and systems engineer gives me the perfect background and perspective to be able to successfully market to developers.

Business to Business

What is it?
A B2B, also known as e-biz, is a typical case where a company is selling a software or a service subscription to another company instead of selling directly to consumers.
Why me?
My engineering background and my marketing experience gives me the right mindset to create and optimize data driven marketing experiments to target companies.

Areas of expertise

  • Analytics


    Create data-driven marketing experiments that align with organizational goals, prove marketing ROI, and inform investment decisions. Conversion and funnel analysis.

  • Content Marketing

    Content Marketing

    Design and implementation of a content strategy to drive top of funnel leads. Includes email and direct mail, webinars, video, and branding.

  • Demand Generation

    Demand Generation

    Drive top of funnel leads and accelerate conversion from leads to later-stage opportunities.

  • Developer Evangelism

    Developer Evangelism

    Design and implementation of a strategy to make developers try, use, and eventually promote your SaaS or platform.

  • Lead Management

    Lead Management

    Implementation of processes and software to seamlessly integrate every marketing or sales interaction into a single profile. This includes Salesforce.com, sales alignment, lead routing and scoring.

  • Lifecycle Marketing

    Lifecycle Marketing

    Definition of marketing strategies to nurture leads and convert them to customers, and eventually promoters.

  • Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation

    Implementation of processes and software to automate repetitive marketing actions related to emails, lead nurturing, social media, website actions, and landing pages.

  • Marketing Campaigns

    Marketing Campaigns

    Definition and implementation of both inbound and outbound marketing campaigns to target specific industries (verticals), use cases (horizontals), and personas (top down, bottom up).

  • Product Strategy

    Product Strategy

    Work with the Product Management team on defining key features and packages to implement based on market research and customer segmentation, as well as creating a messaging framework on how to market them.

  • SEO


    Optimize every landing page and piece of content so that they rank higher on search engines for the chosen keywords.