Hey guys,

I’ve working on improving FactoryPal. For those of you that don’t know about it, FactoryPal is a framework to easily create objects for testing or seed data based on a template. You can check out more about this on https://github.com/mgonto/factory_pal

The new feature that I’ve added is the ability to create multiple templates for one class. Before this, you could only create one per class. So, let’s see how it’s done and compare them:

//Default template creation
FactoryPal.register[Person]() { person =>
    person.name.mapsTo("gonto") and

//Creating template for a certain name. This way you can create multiple templates for a certain class
FactoryPal.register[Person](Some('coolPerson)) { person =>
    person.name.mapsTo("cool") and

The result of running this code would be to have two templates for Person. The default one and a cool one ;).

And, let’s use both them!

//Create a person from default template
val person = FactoryPal.create[Person]

//Creating a Person for cool template
val person = FactoryPal.create[Person](Some('coolPerson))()</code></pre>

Pretty neat, huh?

Happy holidays everybody!