“Making your team more productive is about helping them focus and be happy with what they do. It’s not about 80 hour weeks.”

Gonto, contemporary unthinker.

On Friday I talked to Meina, a new member of our Marketing Experience team. Every time a new memeber of the team joins, I try to connect with them at least 30 minutes to get to know them.

She was telling me that in order to focus for a certain task and be more productive when switching from another, it helped her to either meditate or play the guitar for 10 minutes, which I think is another way of meditation.

She told me that sometimes in her previous job she didn’t do that, but lately, she was told to go do that every time she switched tasks by his manager, Mariano. This is an example of great leadership IMHO.

A lot of times, managers push people to work nonstop not realizing that by doing that, they’re making people be slower because they’re not aware what their direct report really need to work better, happier and faster.

As leaders, we all need to listen and understands much more the people that work with us, because after all, a company is not more than a sum of people :).